Pisco, Peru’s Drink of Choice

by admin on May 9, 2011

Peru is known for its culinary creations, but now the world is also recognizing its Pisco. Pisco is a strong, flavorful brandy that is distilled from grapes. There are a few different kinds of Pisco, and each is made with different grapes that are distilled for different amounts of time, similar to wines. Some pisco is described as aromatic, meaning it is made with the original grapes that were planted in Peru. Look for Quebranta, NegraCriolla, Mollar, and Uvina piscos if you’re interested in that subcategory. Other piscos are non-aromatic, which means they are made with grapes that have been introduced to Peru more recently. These include Muscatel, Italia, Torontel, Albilla. Some say they have a more impressive flavor and aroma, even though they are referred to as non-aromatic. Pisco acholado is a blending of both aromatic and non-aromatic grapes, and is nice to try as an introduction to pisco. Last there is pisco mosto verde, which is fermented for only seven days as opposed to the standard 14. This produces smaller quantities, and a smoother, more flavorful liquor. You’ll find a variety of piscos in Peru, and everyone has their favorite.