Lima: The City of Kings

by admin on March 21, 2011

Lima's CoastThe Telegraph (the most popular newspaper in the UK) published an article today titled, “Lima, Peru: ‘The City of Kings’ Reigns Again.” ┬áThe article points out the changes that have occurred in Lima in recent years, including physical renovations and a renewed connection to Incan heritage and pride. Some of the best restaurants in Lima are mentioned, including Rosa Nautica, which is a must-see for tourists. The restaurant sits at the end of a pier that juts out into the sea, providing incomparable views of the waves and surfers just outside the tastefully-decorated dining room. Also mentioned is Museo Larco, a museum that gives visitors a great introduction to the ancient cultures of Peru with clear English translations. And of course, Larco Mar, the popular shopping mall perched on the cliffs of Lima’s coast, is listed as one of the most popular attractions for tourists. As the city of Lima focuses on continuing to take advantage of its beautiful coastline, more posh hotels, restaurants and attractions are sure to open there.