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The grandeur of Lima‘s exquisite dining options, nightlife, arts and culture is surrounded by small towns that also have a lot to offer to travelers. They may not have five star hotels, but they often hold the remains of fascinating ancient cultures. The Casma Valley is a little over 300 kilometers north of Lima, and is known for producing many tropical fruits, such as avocados, mangos and passionfruits. The almost always sunny climate makes it a perfect place for these crops and others, including cotton and corn as well. However, the true treasure in the Casma Valley is called Chankillo. This archeological site was originally created over 2000 years ago. The site includes gathering areas, storage facilities, and a ceremonial center and temple. The most interesting facet of the ruins, however, is the Thirteen Towers. These towers are set along a low hill, each made from blocks of stone. The stones all sit about 5 meters from each other, and they each have a staircase leading to the top. The fascinating aspect of this structure is that the positions of the towers correspond with the sun’s range throughout the year. There are also two more lookout platforms at Chankillo, which researchers believe were placed there for viewing at sunrise and sunset. Spanish conquistadors also reported seeing sun pillars in Cusco when they arrived, but none are left today. Seeing this ancient formation has let researchers in on the way pre-Columbian Peruvians may have kept a calendar from solstice to solstice.

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