Choose a 5 Star Hotel or a “Roughing It” Hostal?

by admin on December 20, 2008

Travelers to Peru may want to determine the type of accommodations they wish to engage during their visit to this beautiful, mysterious, wondrous country. For those who want to travel light and see as much of Peru as possible, a hostal in the center of whatever town you are visiting may be the answer. Accommodations are minimal enough to be comfortable and yet, comfortable enough to enjoy the stay. Some travelers prefer to check for availability by planning an itinerary in advance. That’s probably the best way to go, though some of my finest travel moments have taken place on spontaneous adventures that were completely unplanned.

It is possible to find the best in accommodations, including five star hotels, that offer elegance, ambiance and the best in Peruvian cuisine and night life. Five star hotels can be found in most of the big Peruvian cities. Check your travelers guides well in advance and be certain to reserve well in advance of your vacation. Then, take a deep breath and enjoy the incredible landscape of Peru by day and sleep in the finest luxury at night.

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