20 Million Year Old Fossils Found in Northern Peru

by admin on May 7, 2011

Researchers have discovered amber fossils in Chiclayo that date back to prehistoric times. Several different kinds of insects were found perfectly preserved in the stones, and are said to have walked the earth with dinosaurs long before the ice age. Along with the insects, scientists also found spores and pollen and even some blood from a mammal inside the amber. The samples were found in a 20 million year old reservoir. If you’ve ever wondered how insects and even small lizards are sometimes preserved in amber, it’s actually very simple. The insects become stuck in thick sap on trees, and are unable to escape. The more they try to get out, the further they sink. The sap eventually hardens into stone, and is occasionally unearthed millions of years later. Amber with fossils inside is very valuable, and can be used to make high end jewelry. Peru has been the location of many amazing fossil finds. Last year fossilized tobacco was found in the Amazon region, dating back 2.5 million years and proving that the plant originated there.