The Presidents Vacation Spot: Punta Sal

by admin on October 13, 2008

On the northern coastline of Peru is a spectacular sandy beach named Punta Sal. The beach is graced with waves that gently roll onto the sand and balmy water that invites any visitor to swim, which can be enjoyed safely. In the afternoon the breeze picks up, and excellent surfing waves begin to hit the shore. For those who just wish to enjoy and savor the scenery of sand dunes and carob tree groves, not many other beaches can compare. Punta Sal enjoys a semi-tropical climate; this means lots of sun-drenched sand with very little rain. Guests are pretty much assured of a cloudless adventure when they visit this lovely tranquil beach in splendid Peru. The temperatures hover around 68 F or 20 C in the winter, and in the summer, the temperatures are around 86 F or 30 C. It is understandable why Presidents have chosen to take their vacations here in this spot because it is so easy to become revitalized because of the peace and beauty.