Inlaid Peruvian Bracelet

by admin on April 25, 2012

Handcrafted Peruvian Jewelry stands out for several reasons. Each piece shows a particular artisan’s style, as well as Peruvian tradition. The materials are often native to Peru, making them exotic and unique. Huayruro seeds, for example, are natural seeds found in Peru’s Amazon. Butterfly wings from the Amazon are also placed in jewelry settings to create beautifully organic jewelry. Native stones and shells include sodalite, chrysocolla, spondylus, obsidian, and nacar. Each one ranges in hues, making every Peruvian bracelet, earrings, or necklace a special treasure for a woman with discerning taste. This Peruvian Nacar Bracelet is made with shells that are perfectly polished and meticulously set. Nacar is another word for mother of pearl, and this mother of pearl bracelet is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.