Superstar Chef from Peru Opens New York Restaurant

by admin on September 20, 2011

The doors open today at the much anticipated La Mar Cebicheria Peruana in New York City. The restaurant is the long awaited fulfillment of one man’s dream of bringing the world’s best food to one of its biggest cities. The owner is Gaston Acurio, easily the most famous Peruvian on the planet. With a fierce devotion to Peruvian cuisine and the a serious culinary education to back him up, Acurio has taken the world by storm. He is now the founder of 32 restaurants in 14 cities across the globe, with his first restaurant opening just 17 years ago. Although this new space will be a challenge due to its large seating capacity and competition of nearby restaurants, Acurio is confident that New York City is the right choice for his new endeavor. The Wall Street Journal called Peruvian food “The Next Big Thing” last week, and with Gaston Acurio’s new restaurant, that certainly seems correct.