Rocoto Peppers from Peru

by admin on October 11, 2011

There are three famous Peruvian chili peppers – aji amarillo, aji panca and rocoto. They each have a distinctive taste that goes well with certain kinds of dishes. Rocoto is the hottest, and is best when used in small quantities, as it is in many traditional Peruvian Food dishes. Finely chopped rocoto is often added to ceviche, a raw fish delicacy that is “cooked” by the acidity of a lime-based marinade. You can also use rocoto to spice up aji sauce or salsas for dipping. Another creative recipe idea is to mix rocoto with a sweeter pepper, like a red bell, for a sweet and spicy flavor. Interestingly, some Rocoto peppers look just like bell peppers at first glance, but once you cut one open, you’ll see the tiny black seeds (which are extremely hot!) One of my favorite ways to use rocoto and sweet pepper is in a veal and pepper saute. Coat veal cutlets lightly with flour and saute, then set aside. Next add some more oil and onions to the pan, followed by minced garlic and both types of peppers. Adding chicken broth and a little bit of the juice from the rocoto and sweet pepper jars will make a nice sauce. For full details on this and other Peruvian Recipes, visit Mama Tina’s.