Peruvians Hope to Bake Best Bread in the World

by admin on February 6, 2012

The Coupe du Monde, or World Cup of Baking, takes place in a likely location – France. However, some people may be surprised to hear that one of the favorite teams heading to the international invitational is from Peru. Already a top team in South America, Peru’s bakers have been working on their recipes and techniques for the past year in preparation for this high stakes event. Their most valuable ingredients are Peru’s native super grains – kiwicha, quinoa, purple corn flour, and more. The team includes an expert in savory breads, a pastry specialist, a bread artist, and an alternate. The other countries that will be represented at this prestigious event are France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Japan, Correa, Taiwan, Senegal, United States and Costa Rica. The teams have less than one month to perfect their creations before the event, which runs from March 3rd to the 7th. One promising Peruvian recipe, called Machu Picchu bread, is marbled with chocolate pastry. It will take some strong competition to compete with Peru’s grains and culinary techniques.