Creative Peruvian Cuisine

by admin on October 26, 2011

There are so many interesting Peruvian dishes to choose from. If you’re new to Peruvian cuisine, you might have trouble deciding where to start. One idea is to try a layered Peruvian dish of potatoes and meat or rice and meat. Arroz Tapado is a wonderful Peruvian specialty that uses ingredients you probably already have, with a few special flavors added to the mix. In its simplest form, Arroz Tapado is a layering of seasoned meat between two layers of rice. However, dried aji peppers add heat and depth, and tomatoes, carrots and peas add color to make a fun dish. The presentation of this Peruvian dish is what makes it especially unique, as you can see from the photo on the left. However, a similar presentation is also used for Causa, which substitutes a pureed potato mixture for the white rice. Causa can be filled with chicken salad, shrimp and other fillings. If you’re in the mood for a hearty meal of meat and starch with some interesting flavor combinations, why not try making your own version of Arroz Tapado or Causa tonight? And if you’d rather be served, check this search engine for a Peruvian restaurant in your area.