The Conquest of the Incas

by admin on August 25, 2009

The vast empire that the Incas established was nearly unprecedented. While the Incas certainly were capable of using violence when necessary to further their cause, they also used a sophisticated strategy, always attempting to absorb neighboring villages instead of destroying them. They did this by sending out emissaries to the next targeted province, including one or two princes from the royal families. The meeting of these two parties consisted of the newly arrived Incans offering two alternatives to the region’s inhabitants. One option was to arrange for these princes to marry two of the high ranking females in the society, as a sign of commitment that the incoming rulers would respect and care for the people of the town. In response to a rejection of that offer, an attack would ultimitely result in triumph through the death and destruction of their citizens.  Needless to say, many of the towns and villages saw the wisdom of merging into the growing Incan empire, allowing a great deal of its expansion to take place swiftly and peacefully. Today, a trip to Peru shows visitors that the Inca culture shaped the country that exists today.