Sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru

by admin on January 11, 2012

Photo from Living in Peru

So you’ve heard of boogie boarding, skateboarding, and snowboarding, but how about sandboarding? In the oasis of Huacachina, a short drive from Ica, locals and adventurous travelers enjoy the sand dunes with their own form of boarding. For the less adventurous, there are buggy rides through the dunes, and hotel pools within the resort town.

As a growing attraction for young people, Huacachina also has clubs and bars that provide entertainment all night, with the parties ending around 5 am. The town itself is a sight to see, with a lush green landscape surrounded by the stark contrast of the dunes. Legend has it that the lagoon this tiny town is built around was left when a goddess was surprised by a hunter during her bath and quickly fled, leaving the puddle of water behind her. Some say the goddess now lives as a mermaid inside the lagoon. However this fascinating town was formed, it is a rarity within the desert. Local families visit Huacachina for holidays, and more and more travelers are discovering this oasis in Peru.