Mario Vargas Llosa

by admin on January 4, 2011

As we start 2011, Living in Peru has posted an article on the most influential Peruvians of 2010. Author, novelist and essayist Mario Vargas Llosa tops the list after accepting the Nobel Prize for Literature in early December. During his acceptance speech, he said, “Let those who doubt that literature not only submerges us in the dream of beauty and happiness but alerts us to every kind of oppression, ask themselves why all regimes determined to control the behavior of citizens from cradle to grave fear it so much they establish systems of censorship to repress it and keep so wary an eye on independent writers. They do this because they know the risk of allowing the imagination to wander free in books, know how seditious fictions become when the reader compares the freedom that makes them possible and is exercised in them with the obscurantism and fear lying in wait in the real world.” Peruvians are very proud of Llosa, who is arguably the most influential Latin American writer in the world.