Peruvian Bears

by admin on September 8, 2009

As I have mentioned before, Peru is home to many interesting animals. One of the most interesting and also the most endangered is the Andean Bear. These bears are quite different from other bear species, especially since they are mostly vegetarians. They will eat some meat, but it only makes up about 5% of their diets. They are also smaller than grizzly or polar bears, and they are known for running away rather than being aggressive when they feel threatened. In fact, they often climb trees when they are scared, so they can hide in the treetops. These bears are sometimes called spectacled bears because of unique marking on their faces and necks – no two are exactly alike. A recent article from the Union-Tribune’s San Diego news website explains the problems these bears are facing, and discusses The Andean Bear Conservation Project, which is supported in part by the San Diego Zoo. Hopefully this project will preserve one of Peru’s most fascinating creatures, and South America’s only species of bear.