Peruvians are Proud of their Heritage

by admin on December 18, 2008

Peru has a rich, powerful heritage and it’s no surprise that Peruvians are so proud of it. One of the things that I noticed very soon after meeting my husband was his connection to the land in his home country. While there are beautiful landscapes here in the U.S. it never occurred to me that I might love our physical terrain in the same way that I love our form of government, our commitment to the concepts that form the basis of our democracy. Alberto, on the other hand, when he refers to loving Peru is often referring to the land and his cultural history. From the lush, gorgeous rain forest to the majestic Andean peaks, nature has created the perfect area that serves as an amazing backdrop to the Peruvian culture.

Peru’s vast desert is home to one of the most unique features of Peru’s heritage: the Nasca Lines. While no one knows what compelled the Nasca to carve them, thousands of people fly over the area annually to see these mysterious figures. Lima, Peru’s largest city, is home to numerous beautiful architectural sites, including the Lima Cathedral, as well as housing some very impressive museums.

Chan Chan, the largest adobe city in South America and encompassing an area of over 15 square miles, is also found in Peru. These are just a few of the magnificent pieces that make up Peru’s rich, impressive heritage.

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