Peruvian Turquoise aka Chrysocolla

by admin on February 23, 2011

Chrysocolla is an interesting stone that is known for its powerful energies. In Peru, it is referred to as Peruvian Turquoise, because of its blue-green hues, and it is used to make high quality Handcrafted Jewelry. It is said to be a healing and calming stone, and is even used to attract love. Chrysocolla jewelry can be a thoughtful gift for someone who is dealing with stress, illness or depression, due to its purported metaphysical properties. Aside from its deeper meaning, it is also a beautiful stone that often has swirls of different hues running through it. It is only found in a few countries throughout the world, and Chile has one of the highest amounts, which is why the stone is also available in Peru. If you ever travel to Peru, a Chrysocolla Necklace makes a great souvenir.