Peruvian Spondylus Jewelry

by admin on November 19, 2010

Spondylus shell, also known as the spiny oyster shell, is gorgeous when featured in Handcrafted Jewelry. Its colors range from red to orange to purple depending on the part of the shell that’s carved out and polished. These shells are often found off the coast of Ecuador, and are only in Peruvian waters during the wet season. However, Spondylus shells have played a large part in Peruvian culture for centuries due to the fact that they were used as currency among South American civilizations dating back thousands of years. During this time, only royalty wore the shells in jewelry, but now you can find Spondylus Jewelry in the shops of master artisans in Lima. Some Spondylus pieces include many tiny shells carved into beads, like the Spondylus Shell Bracelet featured here. The work and precision that goes into creating designs like this is truly remarkable. The beads fit next to each other perfectly to form a cohesive look, while the natural color variations of the shells give the piece depth. The addition of sterling silver handcrafted beads gives the bracelet an elegant feel, and the wrap design makes it stylish and contemporary.