Peruvian Opal Handcrafted Bracelets

by admin on December 1, 2009

One of my favorite finds from Peru is this style of Peruvian handcrafted bracelets, handmade by a talented artisan. When I first saw these bracelets, they stood out immediately, even when compared with other handcrafted jewelry. They have become a popular gift choice at Tikanchay, and we love sharing this design with women in the US. We call this style the Serenity Bracelet, because Peruvian opals are known to relieve stress and enhance meditative states. Each stone varies in color, which makes this design a beautifully versatile and stylish bracelet. The sterling silver is .950, an especially high quality material, which makes it light on the wrist but still substantial enough to make a fashion statement. This opal bead bracelet also makes a perfect gift for any woman who could use some extra stress relief. The calming colors and pretty design will remind her to take a deep breath and enjoy the little things in life.