Handcrafted Jewelry Showcases Peruvian Stones

by admin on March 8, 2010

I love finding new artisans in Peru, and seeing where their specialties lie. Some artisans are experts at carving gourd by hand to create mate (ma-tay) handcrafted bracelets and necklaces, others know how to delicately place real butterfly wings in perfect silver settings. On my recent trip, I found a very talented artisan who specializes inĀ handcrafted jewelry with inlaid stones and shells. We’ll be adding several new inlaid designs to Tikanchay’s site in the next week, and many of the new designs from this recent trip are already featured there. This Inlaid Stone and Shell Bracelet shows off several Peruvian stones, and Spondylus shell. The royal blue stone is Sodalite, and the cream colored stone is Mother of Pearl. The vibrant orange and purple hues come from the Spondylus shell. This bracelet shows the beauty of the colorful landscape in Peru.