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Peruvian Turquoise aka Chrysocolla

by admin on February 23, 2011

Chrysocolla is an interesting stone that is known for its powerful energies. In Peru, it is referred to as Peruvian Turquoise, because of its blue-green hues, and it is used to make high quality Handcrafted Jewelry. It is said to be a healing and calming stone, and is even used to attract love. Chrysocolla jewelry can be a thoughtful gift for someone who is dealing with stress, illness or depression, due to its purported metaphysical properties. Aside from its deeper meaning, it is also a beautiful stone that often has swirls of different hues running through it. It is only found in a few countries throughout the world, and Chile has one of the highest amounts, which is why the stone is also available in Peru. If you ever travel to Peru, a Chrysocolla Necklace makes a great souvenir.

Last Minute Gifts from Peru

by admin on December 22, 2010

It’s not too late to give a thoughtful Jewelry Gift from Peru from – order by midnight tonight for overnight shipping before Christmas. The Handcrafted Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings in Tikanchay’s Handcrafted Jewelry collection are all made by master artisans in Peru, and every purchase helps to support them and sustain the artisan traditions that are such an important part of Peruvian culture. From traditional Huayruro necklaces featuring good luck charms from the Amazon to this elegant Handcrafted Pink Pearl Necklace, there is something for every woman in this online collection. All designs feature .950 sterling silver. Anyone who appreciates Peruvian culture, or just beautiful artisan designs, will love a gift from Tikanchay this holiday.

Peruvian Spondylus Jewelry

by admin on November 19, 2010

Spondylus shell, also known as the spiny oyster shell, is gorgeous when featured in Handcrafted Jewelry. Its colors range from red to orange to purple depending on the part of the shell that’s carved out and polished. These shells are often found off the coast of Ecuador, and are only in Peruvian waters during the wet season. However, Spondylus shells have played a large part in Peruvian culture for centuries due to the fact that they were used as currency among South American civilizations dating back thousands of years. During this time, only royalty wore the shells in jewelry, but now you can find Spondylus Jewelry in the shops of master artisans in Lima. Some Spondylus pieces include many tiny shells carved into beads, like the Spondylus Shell Bracelet featured here. The work and precision that goes into creating designs like this is truly remarkable. The beads fit next to each other perfectly to form a cohesive look, while the natural color variations of the shells give the piece depth. The addition of sterling silver handcrafted beads gives the bracelet an elegant feel, and the wrap design makes it stylish and contemporary.

Peruvian Butterfly Wing Jewelry

by admin on June 24, 2010

One of the most interesting types of jewelry you’ll find in the Peruvian marketplace features the wings of real butterflies. With so many varieties of butterflies in the Amazon, locals regularly gather wings from those that have expired naturally. Artisans buy the wings, and artfully set them in silver. The result is an artsy look that attracts attention and conversation. When I wear my butterfly wing earrings, people comment on how iridescent they are and ask what the material under the glass is. When I tell them they’re real butterfly wings, they are usually surprised. The artisans use special techniques to work with the incredibly delicate wings, and the handcrafted jewelry they create is truly unique. Butterfly wing jewelry from Peru showcases the beauty of the Amazon.

Handcrafted Jewelry in the Markets

by admin on February 4, 2010

When I travel to Peru, I look forward to the marketplace. I know that there will be a seemingly endless supply of beautifully handmade items, and of course I look forward to the jewelry. I love seeing new handcrafted jewelry styles, especially when they are inspired by Peruvian traditions. Sometimes I am also inspired by certain pieces that I eventually have adapted by the artisans to match my taste. That is what happened with the stunning inlaid stone and shell earrings I brought back on one of my jewelry buying trips. I later realized they would look great on a bracelet. I asked one of my favorite artisans if it would work, and before I knew it, there was a wonderful leather bracelet with an inlaid design as part of the Tikanchay collection of handcrafted bracelets.

A Last Minute Unique Jewelry Gift

by admin on December 22, 2009

When you’re doing last minute Christmas shopping, sometimes it is worth paying the extra shipping fees to order online rather than getting a headache from the crowds at the mall. With only three more days until Christmas, last minute shoppers have just enough time to order those last few gifts. Silver handcrafted jewelry from Peru is a wonderful gift choice, because it supports the talented artisans of this remarkable country. Browse through Tikanchay’s selection of Peruvian sterling silver designs, and you are sure to find something that is perfect for the women on your list. The art of making jewelry with sterling silver has existed for centuries in Peru, and you’ll see the level of quality that Peruvian artisans have developed over time as you view each unique jewelry gift from Tikanchay. A handcrafted bracelet like this Huayruro Seed Bracelet is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that will make the recipient feel beautiful inside and out.

A Unique Jewelry Gift from Peru

by admin on December 16, 2009

I love finding the perfect unique jewelry gift for every woman on my list, because I know that these kind of presents are always appreciated and treasured for years. Peruvian artisans make exquisite sterling silver designs. Each piece is handmade using techniques that have been passed down for centuries within the country’s rich history. Handcrafted earrings of all kinds can be found in the markets of Peru. Some of my favoriteĀ jewelry styles include huayruro seeds, which are known as good luck charms. These seed earrings are a wonderful gift, because they are simple and classy, yet fun and intriguing. And the vibrant red huayruro seeds are festive, too!

Peruvian Silver Jewelry

by admin on November 19, 2009

As a lover of Peruvian crafts, and particularly handcrafted Peruvian jewelry, I immediately notice the difference between handcrafted .950 sterling silver jewelry and the costume jewelry that is often made as an imitation. I’ve learned a lot about the handmade silver jewelry Peruvian artisans produce, and the age old techniques they have mastered over time. That is why each handcrafted bracelet, necklace, and pair of earrings in my collection is special to me. Their beauty does not fade over time, and they do not break like cheaper jewelry. I always feel comfortable giving .950 sterling silver jewelry like this Peruvian turquoise bracelet as a gift, because I know it will remain a beautiful gesture for years to come, as my friend or family member continues to wear it on a regular basis. For more information on handcrafted jewelry from Peru, look at the Tikanchay collection.

A Silver Jewelry Gift from Peru

by admin on November 9, 2009

With the holidays approaching quickly, I am thinking about how much I enjoy shopping in the Peruvian markets, instead of the crowded malls at home each December. There are so many handmade items that make beautiful gifts for the holidays. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit the markets in Peru to see all of the beautifully handmade crafts and handcrafted jewelry, consider purchasing gifts from Peru online. Tikanchay’s selection of handcrafted jewelry is all made by Peruvian artisans, and you are sure to find a silver jewelry gift for someone special that appeals to both your budget and taste. Each gift from Tikanchay helps support Peruvian artisans. TheseĀ silver dangling earrings are a great gift idea, with a unique design and Peruvian silver.

Handcrafted jewelry is one of my favorite Peruvian crafts, and my favorite pieces are made with natural, native Peruvian materials like seeds, stones and shells. The huayruro seed jewelry collection from Tikanchay is a unique way to carry these good luck seeds with you at all times, while making a creative fashion statement. I love receiving compliments on my huayruro seed earrings, and then explaining how they are handmade by Peruvian artisans. People recognize the beauty of these exotic seeds right away, but the fact that they have the power to ward off negative energy and attract good fortune makes them even more intriguing. It is also what makes them a perfect gift idea. In my opinion, huayruro seed jewelry is one of the best options when choosing jewelry for gift-giving.