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Chan Chan

Chan Chan in the North of Peru

by admin on December 2, 2008

Chan Chan is a Northern coastal archaeological site in Peru just outside of Trujillo. It was awe-inspiring to see this large ancient adobe city. Chan Chan covers more than 15 square miles, so I took a taxi between some of the ten sites, which make up this largest adobe city in South America and a Cultural Heritage sight. I was fascinated by the intricate shapes carved in the walls of the houses belonging to the nobility. The shapes were of animals and geometric designs and I’ve read that some walls even had precious metal embedded in them, but I didn’t see that. Nonetheless, it was enchanting and a memory that I’m sure my daughter will not forget for years to come. Chan Chan is located in a hot and dry valley, so I was grateful for the water I had brought, and even more grateful for the wonderful opportunity to see a once thriving city from the 7th Century. I highly recommend it and should point out that this is one of those sites that highly recommends a guide since the stories that inform these structures are fascinating and the tour wouldn’t be complete without them. It’s been a few years since that trip and I’m thinking that it may be time to introduce this wonder to one of our visiting friends in the near future!