Swim with Sea Lions in Callao, Peru

by admin on May 23, 2011

The coastal town of Callao sits just North of Lima, and is a great side trip during a visit to Peru‘s capital city. I’ve posted about Ica and the Paracas National Reserve, where visitors can take boat tours to see the amazing wildlife in the area, including sea lions and an unbelievable amount of Peruvian pelicans. This photo is from my trip to Ica. Callao is similar in terms of the landscape and wildlife, but is closer to Lima and also offers a very special opportunity for adventurous travelers. When you take a ride on the Mardulce with Captain Eugenio Oliveira, you can actually jump out to swim with the sea lions. The boat holds up to ten people, and a group of at least six can experience the six hour trip for about $50 a person, visiting San Lorenzo Island, El Fronton Island and Palomino Island. There are also larger boats that hold fifty to a hundred passengers for those who prefer a tamer option, but you’ll want to board the Mardulce for the chance to come face to face with a sea lion.