Cumbe Mayo, a Pre-Incan Treasure

by admin on November 23, 2009

If you’re looking for a truly remarkable sightseeing destination and enjoy the outdoors, Cumbe Mayo near Cajamarca is a great choice. The name for this historic place originated from the native Quechua language, and can be translated as “thin rivers” or “water channel.” It is the site of an ancient aqueduct that was used to divert water from the Atlantic Watershed as it traveled toward the Pacific Ocean. This clever innovation was built with perfect precision, carved from the rock of the countryside. It covers approximately five miles of terrain, sometimes in a straight line, other times in a zigzag pattern to prevent erosion. Those interested in history will find that Cumbe Mayo is an amazing chance to experience the work of an ancient culture, especially with a knowledgeable guide who can explain its significance. Adventurous tourists looking for a hike will also enjoy the surrounding scenery and ancient petroglyphs.