Peruvian Sterling Silver Artisan Earrings

by admin on May 11, 2011

Peruvian artisans continue to honor the traditions passed down through the generations with many interesting crafts. Some weave beautiful blankets, rugs, and tapestries with alpaca yarn. Others carve smooth bowls and sculptures from olive wood, or create beautifully modern jewelry designs that are influenced by longstanding cultural influences. Peruvian silversmiths often use .950 sterling, which has a higher pure silver content than most sterling silver. This gives their Artisan Jewelry a beautiful shine and luminosity. The Artisan Earrings on the model to the left are one example of the kinds of designs Peruvian artisans create. These Sterling Silver Flower Earrings are all silver, but other designs include pieces of carved gourd, huayruro seeds from the Amazon, stones like Peruvian turquoise and shells like spondylus. Some handcrafted pendants and earrings are even made with real butterfly wings.