Peruvian Artisan Bracelet

by admin on February 27, 2011

One of the most impressive things about the Artisan Jewelry you’ll find in Peru is the precision and meticulous work that goes into each piece. This bracelet is made with pieces of mother of pearl, which is the part of a shell where pearls grow. Mother of pearl is commonly used in all kinds of jewelry, but not in the way it is used here. Each one of these pieces is polished and cut to fit perfectly inside the silver links of this Artisan Bracelet. I can’t imagine having the patience and skill to ensure that every shell is perfectly positioned and that the setting is perfectly constructed. I admire the master artisans who do this everyday. I always feel good knowing I am purchasing something from the person who made it, because this also ensures that they are always well-compensated for their work. This Mother of Pearl Bracelet is truly a work of art.