88 Butterfly Wing Jewlery

by admin on November 8, 2010

It’s easy to see where the 88 Butterfly gets its name – the perfect patterns on its wings are remarkable. Each butterfly has two 88 designs on the lower wings, and vibrant red hues on the upper wings. Peru is home to this species as well as over 3,700 other types of butterflies.

Peruvian artisans use the wings of naturally expired butterflies as the inspiration for many of their Artisan Jewelry designs. Butterfly Wing Jewelry is a popular art form among the master silversmiths of Peru, and the pieces that contain 88 Butterfly Wings may be some of the most interesting. This is because the wings are very small, and are usually placed together to form unique compositions within Artisan Necklaces and earrings. This Heart Butterfly Wing Pendant is an example of the way artisans take these natural resources and turn them into works of art. The wings in this piece are set in .950 sterling silver.