Peruvian Food in Arequipa

by admin on October 31, 2009

I have mentioned the Arequipa region before, because it is a beautiful area for sightseeing. Just as each region of Peru offers different scenery, the food in each¬†area is different based on the specific¬†native ingredients that grow there and the traditions of the people. In Arequipa, you can try the food at restaurants called picanterias, where food is warmed on a firewood cooker. A great dish to try in Arequipa is Rocoto Relleno, or stuffed hot peppers. Peru is home to many different varieties of hot pepper, and this dish is a delicious way to try some. You can also try Chicharrones in Arequipa, which are pieces of deep-fried pork. You can easily take a flight to Arequipa from Lima, so include this fascinating area in your travel plans – you won’t regret it.