I am an inveterate entrepreneur with businesses in the service industry as diverse as homeowner services and restaurants, to retail businesses including food and imported silver jewelry.  I’ve been in business for over twenty five years, almost all of that time with my husband Alberto as my partner.

There is a consistent theme that connects all of these diverse businesses and that is Peru.  Alberto is a native of Peru and we began our courtship dreaming up businesses that we could run together.  Starting with employing other immigrants like himself, and progressing to providing the services and products for the Peruvian market.  Luckily, the Peruvian market is now mainstream and Americans are loving everything Peru, also!

I am looking forward to sharing the stories that are the backbone of our experiences together, hopefully as interesting and entertaining in blog form as they are when we’re sitting around a fire reminiscing.  With luck, my photos will make it on the site and this will be a visually interesting place to visit.

Thanks for taking the time!