Papa Seca Amarilla

by admin on August 21, 2012

If you’re just starting out with the goal of becoming well-versed in Peruvian cooking, you may encounter some ingredients that sound a bit confusing, and you may worry that they are hard to find. However, with brands like Mama Tina’s making more of their products available online, anyone can create authentic Peruvian dishes at home. For example, Peruvian stews such as carapulcra will call for papa seca amarilla. The literal translation is dried yellow potato. Not so confusing, right? These potatoes are dried naturally in the cool Andean air and work wonderfully when added to soups and stews. They are available at bodegas and some grocery stores, particularly in areas with a strong South American influence. For example, we are lucky here in Southern Connecticut, where a large group of Peruvian Americans means a better selection of local Peruvian food. But, as I mentioned, you can also find papa seca amarilla online. Of course, the Internet is also a great source for Peruvian recipes. If you prefer to purchase a cookbook, we recommend The Art of Peruvian Cuisine by Felipe Antonio Custer.